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Basements on a Budget

Are you tired of your kids toys and stuff all over the house but you have not finished the basement yet? 

Now you can put them in a safe place to play and best of all you get your house back. Here are some idea’s!

Not everyone has $25,000 to $60,000 laying around to finish their basement. We can help with that with our budget basements as low as $1,900.00.

The steps we take when we do a budget basement are not wasted because we need to do them when we fully finish a basement. We start with a deep cleaning of the walls and floors which contain 60% of the mold, mildew and radon in your home.

Moisture problems and mold growth go hand in hand so eliminating the source is the key to successful mold prevention. Seepage normally occurs in basements when the ground water level rises around foundations after a heavy rain. But most moisture is drawn in as invisible water vapor through the porous concrete floor and walls. Mold and mildew, fungi, bacteria, and dust mites flourish in high humidity (over 60%). Your basement or foundation slab is by far the single largest source of humidity in your home up through your furnace which is located in the center of all these issues. The average basement (or slab) lets in over 15 (10) gallons of water each day - several times more than showering and cooking combined.

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